Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anxiety a la Mode

I met with a therapist today about learning strategies for dealing with anxiety. That's stressful in itself. Add to that an assessment the district wants to do on my ASL skill level on Thursday that I just learned about. Now, add to that the phone call I got just after meeting with the therapist that a neighbor's house is on fire and my husband is gathering our valuables and papers and is preparing to go to a safer place...and I'm still 45 minutes away from home!

Not my best of days, by far. But, the fact that I'm sitting here at home writing this (and not in a Red Cross provided motel room) shows that the worst didn't happen. It smells bad, and I feel sorry for the neighbors, who I really don't know. My clothes may smell like burnt vinyl siding and electronics, but at least I still have them. Hey, it might even serve as a conversation starter at work tomorrow. "Sorry I smell like a burnt house, you see..."

I'm eager to get my hands on some information and strategies that would help me not react so physically to everything that happens. My blood pressure ramps up any time a stressful event happens and takes a few days to come down.

Since I can't get through life without stressors large and small, I have to take steps. The therapist suggested bio-feedback. That's my homework for the week.

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